Managing Ratings in the RateIt Portal

The RateIt System has an extremely high accuracy rate (around 80%) when automatically flagging ratings as invalid, however, it is not 100% perfect.

For example, a comment such as "I love Batman" might make it through the system because some of our clients may sell Batman products, so our system can't automatically flag this as invalid - however, your company may consider this to be gibberish and don't want it to influence your scores (which is understandable!)

So, with situations like this in mind, we built a handy tool that allows Super Users (company admins) along with designated Standard Users to manually set ratings as invalid via the RateIt Portal, when needed.

How to use the Ratings Manager:

1. Click the  Ratings tab along the top toolbar of the RateIt Portal

2. From there, click the  Manage Ratings toggle to enable the editor

3. Locate the rating in the list

4. Click the Mark as Invalid button to the right of the rating

5. When you're done, click the Manage Ratings toggle again to turn off the editor

Here’s a quick video of the editor in action

Note: The ratings automatically marked as invalid by the RateIt System will not be accessible to users via the RateIt Portal/Ratings Manager.

Examples of times you might like to use the Ratings Manager:

  • A staff member forgot to enable Demo Mode and the ratings came through
  • A child was playing with the device (only applicable if Age Detection has not been enabled)
  • The rating isn't relevant to your company but passed our validation system

Note: The power is in your hands ...but use it wisely…as your name and email address will be linked to the rating you mark as invalid ;) 

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