Updating the RateIt App

If you have received an email from us asking you to update your RateIt App to the latest version but are unsure how to do so, please follow the steps outlined below.

Note: You will need to know your Guided Access Passcode which can be found in the RateIt Portal via Settings RateIt Devices.

To update the RateIt App:

  1. Triple click the home button (the main button on the front of the device - down the bottom)
  2. Enter your Guided Access Passcode
  3. Tap the End button (top left-hand corner)
  4. Click the home button again (just once this time)
  5. Open the RateIt Updater (located down the bottom next to Settings)
  6. Follow the prompts on the screen to update to the latest version
  7. Re-launch the RateIt App (the blue icon next to the RateIt Updater)
  8. IMPORTANT: Ensure you ACCEPT any location/permission requests that pop up
  9. Triple click the home button again to re-activate the RateIt App
  10. Done!

If any of the steps above are unclear or you require further assistance, please let us know!

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