Everything you need to know about creating an amazing RateIt app profile

Creating a Profile

If you’ve just signed up for RateIt, then you’ve likely got lots of questions about how to create and customise your RateIt App Profile (the unique set of questions you ask customers).

By the time you finish this guide you’ll have everything you need in order to create an awesome profile that your customers will love while still delivering meaningful insights to your business.

Key takeaways to look forward to:

  1. Why you’ll fail if your profile isn’t easy and delightful➞
  2. How to generate high engagement and meaningful insights➞
  3. Getting your RateIt app profile ready➞
  4. General FAQs➞

  Tip: If you’re looking for advice on how to get the most out of RateIt  check out this guide instead.

1. Why you’ll fail if your profile isn’t easy & delightful

Think about the last time you had a terrible UBER driver or found yourself in an Airbnb that was dirty and uncomfortable. What was the first thing you did when asked to rate your experience?You chose a rating relevant to your experience, tapped on the key themes that directly influenced your experience, and left a personal comment or two.

Why did you do this and why did it feel so dang good? Because:

It was quick and easy - you didn't need to fill in an annoying survey.

It was delightful - the questions were short, punchy and all about you

 It made a difference - your rating counted towards overall results that determine whether an UBER driver stays on the road or the Airbnb property remains available

2. How to generate high engagement & meaningful insights

Putting together a list of questions you’d like to ask your customers is easy. The challenge is figuring out which questions will offer high engagement while providing insights you can action!

This can be a very time consuming process and typically involves trying sometimes hundreds of questions and combinations before you figure out which profile works best for you and your customers.

To prevent you from heading down this long and unproductive path, our team will help you choose a profiles that has already been tested by real RateIt customers which you’ll then use as a canvas for your own profile(more on this below).

Here are samples of our most popular profiles:

What is driving our NPS up/down?

Why are customers leaving without making a purchase?

What can we do to improve our customer experience?

3. Getting your custom app profile ready

During the early stages of your onboarding journey we’ll get in touch to walk you through the profile creation process.

Here’s what you can expect:

  1. We’ll reach out to you to set up a 15 minute call during which we’ll ask some questions to get to know your business and overall objectives.
  2. We’ll send you a suggested profile for review.
  3. You can either approve the suggested profile or request a follow up meeting to make some changes.
  4. Once approved, the profile will be finalised in preparation for your launch!

4. General FAQs

Here are our most common questions regarding profiles. Please let us know if we haven't covered something you need the answer to (contact info below)!

What is a RateIt App Profile?

An app profile refers to the unique set of questions and types of screens you have chosen as well the order in which your customers will see them.

An app profile will always contain the following screens:

Overall CX
(Always screen 1)
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Verbatim Comments Email Capture

Depending on your business objectives, your profile may also contain:
Smiley screen for specific areas Multi choice screen for specific areas Staff Selection screen

What is NPS?

Net Promoter Score, or NPS for short, is a metric used to measure your company's performance as perceived by your customers (the higher your NPS is, the more likely you are to be leading your market segment). You can learn more about NPS here

What is CX?

Your CX Score is a number on a 0 to 10 point scale to help you understand your overall customer experience – the closer to 10, the better you are doing!

Learn more about the RateIt CX score here

What can I customise?

During your early onboarding stages, you’ll work alongside our CX Geeks to choose custom drivers and categories (such as staff friendliness, wait times, product range etc.) as well as your preferred screen positioning and general tone of voice.In addition you’ll also be given the opportunity to include a custom company-logo for the closing ‘thank you’ screen that all of your customers will see after submitting a rating.

What can’t I customise?

At this time, we do not offer custom font, colour and icon changes. In addition, we do not allow changes to the copy or positioning of the CX Screen (the first screen the customer will see) or the captions located underneath our signature smileys (Awesome, Good, Not Great and Awful).

Can we capture age/gender?

Yes. Although we do not directly ask customers what their age and gender is, we capture this information via our advanced validation and biometrics system which uses the camera on your physical in-store devices that can automatically assign an estimated age and gender to most ratings.

*We never compromise user privacy. You can learn more about our validation & biometrics system here.

How do we view the insights and feedback?

As part of our service, you will have access to your own online dashboard (the RateIt Portal) which is where you can view and respond to all of your ratings and feedback in real-time.In addition, you’ll also receive Daily and Weekly email summaries that will provide you with a high level snapshot of how things are tracking. 

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