What is the NPS Leaderboard for Staff?

The NPS Leaderboard ranks locations, devices, groups or staff based on their NPS. This can help you determine under-performing locations or groups (such as a geographical region).

The context of the leaderboard can be changed using the toggle in the top right of the header. There are two possible values, Locations or Staff. By default, Locations is selected and will display locations, devices and/or groups. Selecting Staff will display an NPS for a staff member.

The Staff toggle will only be active if the staff screen is being presented to customers for them to select a specific staff member.

When viewing the NPS leaderboard in the context of Staff, it's important to realise that the NPS may not directly correlate to the staff member. Typically, the NPS screen asks the customer to rate how likely they are to  recommend the company to friends & family, not to recommend a specific staff member. Given this, there is no direct correlation between a staff member and the NPS entered and aggregated against that staff member.

If you have any questions regarding this feature, our friendly team at support@rateitapp.com are ready to help!

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