Setting up Facebook Reviews in RateIt

You can read and respond to Facebook Reviews for different stores and locations in the RateIt Portal. This guide helps you do the one-off setup required to bring these reviews into RateIt. 


You will need SuperUser access to the RateIt portal to set up Facebook Reviews. Once setup, other users on your account can access these reviews (for the locations they have access to). 

  1. Login to Facebook Business Manager with your Facebook account, and navigate to the Shop Locations section (for the Business Account)
  2. Check if your account has access to the locations (Facebook Shops)you would like to connect with RateIt. Note: Here is a help article from Facebook on how you setup ‘Shops’ for a ‘Facebook Page’. 
  3. If you don’t have access to Facebook Business Manager, or the stores you want to connect, then please contact the Facebook admin for your organisation to get access before you start. 

Step 1: Login to RateIt Portal 

Go to to login and then head to the "Settings" tab. From there, click on Facebook (under Social Reviews)

Step 2: Connect with Facebook

Click the ‘ Connect with Facebook’ button, and go through the Facebook Authentication steps, to give our app the required permissions to access reviews for the business account

Step 3: Map Facebook Locations to RateIt Locations

For each Facebook Location that you want to see in RateIt, pick the equivalent RateIt location for the list. This will allow relevant users in your company to see these reviews (based on access to those locations). Click Save when you are done. You can come back to the Facebook tab in Settings anytime to update this mapping, or add new locations when required. If you would like some new RateIt Locations setup, please get in touch with your RateIt Customer Success Manager. 

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