Disabling 'Force Screen On'

Force Screen On is a feature to keep your device awake on the RateIt app all the time and is enabled by default but could be disabled for 2 major reasons:

  1. To save battery charge
  2. To avoid unwanted ratings outside of operating hours

Note: This feature is only available for RateIt app with a version of 10.0 or above. If your RateIt app has an earlier version, click here for a quick guide on how to enable Sleep Mode.

To disable this feature…

1. Press and hold on the white space from the first question of your RateIt app until a pop up appears (takes about 10 seconds)          

2. On the pop-up, scroll down to the ‘Force screen on’ option and then toggle the switch to disable.

3. The screen will go to sleep mode after a few minutes.

4. To wake the device, simply press any button on the device and you're good to go!

5. The ‘Force screen on’ feature will be automatically re-enabled again after waking.

Note: Some devices may need you to also swipe the screen lock to get the RateIt App going again.

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