A quick intro to the RateIt Portal

Welcome to RateIt! 

Here's a quick intro that'll help you navigate your way around the  RateIt Portal (the place where you'll find and manage all of your awesome data!)

When you first log in you'll be automatically taken to the  My Insights page:

My Insights

This section gives you an overview of how your CX and NPS scores are tracking overall and also gives you the option to quickly view your NPS, CX and Category trends (viewable by day, week or month).

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This is where you can read - and more importantly respond to - all of your customer comments. The red icon (shown above) lets you know that you've got unanswered comments that are waiting to be actioned.

Click here to learn more about Comments


This is where you can review all of the ratings submitted by your customers. By default you're shown every rating from every store, but you have the option to filter the results based on what you need.

Click here to learn more about Ratings


This is where you can add additional users to the RateIt Portal*, see where all of your devices are and where you can manage your email notification settings. 

* This functionality is only available for Super Users

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