How do I create a group?

There are so many different ways you can create custom groups, so in this document we'll only show you the basics that you'll need to know to help you get started:

Step 1: Click the Groups & Locations dropdown menu to reveal the Filtering Tool

Step 2:  Click into the Groups tab - by default all of the locations you have access to will be selected, so you'll also need to click the red Remove button, then click New Group to start creating your first custom group

Step 3: Use the filters along the top (Business, Country and State) to select specific locations. In this case we've chosen to create a group for all of the locations in Victoria (for our international clients, that's a state in Australia!)

Step 4: Choose a name for your new group, in this case we've called ours VIC Retail Stores, use the switch to determine whether you'd like your to access and use your group (blue means they can!) then click the blue Create button.

Step 5: Your new group will now appear in your groups list - click on it, then click Apply and the RateIt Portal will automatically refresh and show you the data for the locations in your chosen group.

Huzzah! You've just created your first custom group. Check out this handy guide to learn about our Advanced Filtering Tool that lets you view highly specific data points!

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